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Old School Dice & Accessories is owned and operated by two friends and business partners, Josh and Randy. They have been in the retail gaming business since 2010. They have sold all sorts of tabletop games, but RPG's were always their favorites. With the rise of RPG's, most notably Dungeons & Dragons, they saw an opportunity to create awesome dice and role-playing accessories. Hence, Old School Dice & Accessories was born. Their goal is to create and provide high-quality & unique RPG dice and accessories, that will be the talk of your next gaming session! They believe in great customer service and strive to get your order processed quickly.

Unlike other dice companies companies, OSD actually has a brick and mortar location. This is NOT a part time gig and the store is fully staffed. Our number one goal is to treat our Customers and Retail Partners with the utmost kindness and courtesy. All of our products are hand checked before we ship to ensure the highest quality. If you have any color or design suggestions, please let them know.

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Old School Dice - Metal Dice

  • Dragon Forged - Blue & White w/ Black Nickel
  • Dragon Forged D6 Set - Platinum Purple & Blue
  • Dragon Forged D6 Set - Purple / White w/ Black Nickel
  • Dragon Forged - Platinum Red & Yellow
  • Dragon Scale - Red & Green
  • Elven Forged - Metallic Purple
  • Elven Forged - Teal w/ Black Nickel
  • Gnome Forged - Ancient Gold
  • Gnome Forged - Black Nickle w/ Purple
  • Gnome Forged - Silver w/ Blue
  • Halfling Forged - Black Nickel w/ Pink
  • Knights of the Round Table - Emerald
  • Knights of the Round Table - Purple w/ Gold
  • Orc Forged - Matte Black w/ Green

$45.00 USD

1 products