Underrated Cards - Fling

by The Mana Pool ID

The Forever Formidable, Frisky, Fulfilling and Fabulous “Fling”!

There is something fantastically satisfying, when someone kills one of my big creatures, and I tap 2 mana (a mountain and a generic) to fling that big beasty right at that player instead. Fling is a simple, yet versatile card. It’s rare for me to run a red deck of any kind without adding this common to it.

Running a theft deck with red in it? Steal an opponent’s big creature, swing with it, then give it back to them right to the face.

Running a sacrifice deck? Throw any creature at your opponent with a fling, and get the sac trigger.

Gruul Aggro? Hit your opponent with a bunch of extra damage, after using one of your big beasties with trample.

Need removal? Fling something at a creature that is giving you trouble and get it off the board.

It’s not all encompassing. You can’t take out a planeswalker with it, or kill an enchantment or an artifact. But, I have you used this card numerous times to finish a game, and I love it. And, the best part is that you can get it for just 25 cents.


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